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Over the years, I've been asked many different questions!  I've attempted to answer a few in this section.  As time progresses, this will grow!  If something is not answered, please don't hesitate to contact me!

  • Why don’t you post your rates? Are you so expensive that you know that no one will contact you if you post your rates?
  • Do you photograph weddings / children / family / boudoir / pets/ architectural / fitness / sports / pageants / bands / musicians / actors /concerts / etc?
  • Do you do Boudoir Photos?
  • Are you going to put my photos online for the whole world to see?
  • There are many photographers out there offering $50 mini-sessions?  Why should I hire you over these photographers?
  • What type of animals do you have on your farm?  Are they available for photo shoots?
  • What is available in your studio?
  • I want to book a photo shoot with you, but I’m not a model, and I’m nervous because I don’t know what to expect. 
  • What’s up with all the zombie photos?
  • Do you allow escorts / chaperons, and do you provide references? 
  • I need somewhere to shoot.  Is your farm/studio available to rent?
  • I want to be a photographer.  Do you offer mentoring sessions?
  • I need to hire a photographer / Make Up/Hair Artist / wedding planner /model / band, Trainer/ Fitness Coach, etc.  Who do you recommend?
  • Is there a list of things you absolutely won’t do, just so potential clients can avoid contacting you if you aren't interested in a particular genre?

Why don’t you post your rates?  Are you so expensive that you know that no one will contact you if you post your rates?

I made the decision not to post my rates simply because each assignment is unique, and there are numerous factors that must be taken into consideration. Location, travel, various expenses, post production, required equipment, number of subjects, etc, all play a role in determining  prices. On occasions, shoots have involved multiple make up artists, generators, fog machines, and numerous lights. On other occasions  we've done some great shots with just a client, a camera. and existing light.  There are a lot of variables and I've found out that I’m not being fair to the client or to myself when I try to post an all inclusive list of prices designed to address every possible situation.  I will say this; my prices are extremely reasonable,and it is not my goal to get rich off of one single customer.   My prices are set to be extremely competitive.  If you have an idea, or would like a quote,message me using the contact page!  I can generally work with any reasonable budget, and the price I quote is very straightforward   There is no attempts to up-sale a print package after the shoot.   A surprising amount of clients are repeat customers.  My goal is to form a long term relationship with clients, and to do that, I make it a priority to provide great quality images at a fair and reasonable price.  

Do you photograph weddings / children / family / boudoir / pets /architectural / fitness / sports / pageants / bands / musicians / actors /concerts / etc?

As with the prices, I've decided against posting an all inclusive list of what I photograph simply because I don't want to limit myself.  What you see posted in my portfolio is an accurate representation of the project that i generally take on.  There are certain assignments that I enjoy more than others, and certain assignments that I am less likely to be interested in.  I most frequently work with musicians bands, bodybuilders, fitness models, comedians,  actors, and do model portfolio development.  I've also done a bit of product photography.  Lately I've been attempting to go in a more commercial direction, and as a result, I've  had to cut back on children, family portraits, and weddings.   Over the years, I've been lucky enough to watch a lot of babies grow into toddlers, kids, teenagers, and high school seniors.  I will always go out of my way to remain available to previous clients for family photos, but at times, things get busy, and I simply don't have the time available that doing a wedding requires (hours of post production, preparing albums, etc).  And, in the case of weddings,there are other photographers out there who specialize in that, and I feel that they may be able to do a better job for you than I could.   I love animals, and I have done pet photos  If you have a pet monkey, I will be your friend for life! So, I guess the correct answer to this question would be simply “contact me, and we will talk about the particular project.”  If it's not something I feel that I can do, I will gladly recommend  to you someone that  would do a great job.

Do you do Boudoir sessions? 

The short answer is "yes," but please read on!  In the past, when asked this by an existing client, I would always refer them to a trusted female photographer.   My logic was that a client would be more comfortable with a female photographer than with me.   As time passed, I was told by a few clients "I want you to do my photos if I have them done because I know you and trust you."   That, along with the trend of boudoir, bridal boudoir, etc, becoming much more mainstream convinced me to do a few shoots. To make a long story short, I was told by the clients that the photos were much better than anticipated, and there were even some joyful tears on a few occasions.  Because of that, my answer to the question of "Do you do boudoir sessions" changed to"yes," but I've discovered that the most essential part of the a boudoir session is a pre-shoot consultation.  Unless you are someone that I've worked with on multiple shoots, this consultation is a requirement!   The reason for that is some people are skeptical and a bit apprehensive despite desperately wanting to book a boudoir session, and the pre-shoot consultation's purpose is to allow an informed decision to be made as well as address any and all possible concerns so that the client can be relaxed on confident on the day of the shoot.  Previous concerns/questions have been "Will my photos be posted online publicly?" (No,  See below), "I have stretch marks!" (Not a problem at all)!  "I'm not a model!"  (You don't have to be).  The pre-shoot consultation is also intended to let you see see previous work (not everything I shoot is online) , where you will be shooting (assuming it's in my studio), and who you will be shooting with. It is not meant to convince you.  It is meant to inform you. It is NOT a high pressure sales technique because I believe that for you to be happy with the photos, you will need to arrive at the decision to shoot without coercion,  gimmicks, trickery,  or false advertising!   Lastly, the final purpose of the pre-boudoir consultation will be to discuss the possible negative consequences, such as what happens if the relationship ends badly and your partner ends up with photos that you no longer wish for him to have.   It's something to think about and I don't feel that I'm doing my job unless I mention this.

Are you going to put my photos online for the world to see?

Only if  you want me to.  I  find that this question comes up a lot more frequently now than in the past.  I've learned that the reason is that some photographers out there are in the habit of posting photos of clients for  their advertising without first asking if it's ok.  They justify this by stating that they own the copyright to the image, and go do with it what ever they want.  If you come to me for photos, I will ask you prior to posting anything publicly.  You have complete veto power over any image,and I will never make any photo publically accessible, whether it be online, in print, etc, unless you give me your permission.  If you change your mind later, I will take the photo down.  The one exception to this rule is if a client pays both me (the photographer) and you(a model) for photos for a project (usually catalog work, calendar, tear sheet, etc).   In situations such as that, the client owns the usage rights, and neither you (the model) or I (the photographer) have the right to disallow the photos to be used once we have accepted compensation.  

There are many photographers out there advertising $50 mini sessions   Why should I hire you over these photographers?

Do you simply want some cute photos of your kids, or family? Maybe you should hire one of these photographers.  Some of them can turn out some decent work    Look at my work, and look at theirs.  Which style do you like the best?  My style doesn't appeal to everyone.  

The last  thing I’ll ever do is deliver a high-pressure sales pitch.  I hate dealing with a salesperson who makes up facts and offers various rationalizations based on whatever scenario the customer presents!  However, I will say this; the market is very much over saturated with newer photographers.  It seems that every week, 10 more "Professional Photographers" pop up.    I am not exaggerating when I say that I have known Photographers with websites, business cards, and Facebook Photography pages who have owned a DSLR for less than three weeks and don’t know the first thing about shooting any way other than using the automatic settings on their camera.  If you want some cute photos of your kids, these individuals may be able to pull that off while at the same time saving you some money.  But for example, if you want a decent sunset portrait in a field, automatic settings and on-camera flash isn't going to achieve that for you.   You need someone who knows how to set up off-camera lights in such a way to expose the image correctly for the extremely bright sun,and then set the camera exposure manually.   That’s one situation of many where experience is essential and automatic camera settings are inadequate. 

Other than experience, another factor is business ethics.  I have encountered a few less experienced photographers who have majorly overstated their experience/abilities,took on jobs they were not qualified to do, screwed up the photos, and then made no attempt to make it right.  I hear stories relating to that fairly frequently.  I've been doing this many years now  and one of my top priorities, from a business standpoint, is to make every first time customer a repeat customer! But I will never, ever discourage you from hiring another photographer,regardless of experience (or lack of).  I do suggest looking at their work, checking some references,  and making an informed decision.  There are some good people entering the field  and all they need is a chance, and some experience.  You, as a customer, may be able to give them that while at the same time saving yourself some money.

What type of animals do you have on your farm?  Are they available for photo shoots?

We have a pot bellied pig (Betsy), 4 miniature donkeys (Joseph,Junior, Jovani, and Mary), 4 goats (Jack, Jill, Lola, and Phil), a few adult Easter chickens, numerous barn cats, and Charlie (a Boxer), and Trixie (a Boston Terrier).   All animals are rescues, and they are extremely friendly.   Charlie and Trixie like to participate in Zombie Photos, but the rest of the animals don’t really cooperate.  However, all animals love meeting quests to the farm!  It's not that uncommon for clients to ask to come back later just to bring their kids, and I've never denied that request.  

What is available in your studio?

Other than the lights, and photo equipment, the studio is equipped with a restroom/shower which can be used for makeup application,changing clothes, etc.  There is a large mirror in the studio, which helps with posing, and there is plenty of room for a makeup artist to set up and work   Inside the office, and within view of the shooting area,there is a sofa, television (DISH Network), refrigerator, and sound system(feel free to bring your MP3 player, or CDs).  There is also a dual monitor computer system for viewing proofs immediately following the shoot   There is AC in the summer and heat in the winter!  It’s a very comfortable setting!

I want to book a photo shoot with you, but I'm not a model, and I'm nervous because I don’t know what to expect. 

I’m asked this a lot, and it always surprises me. There is absolutely nothing to be nervous about.  Over the years, I've worked with many first time models, and it seems that the nervousness always fades very quickly.  My top priority has always been to create a professional, but laid back and stress free environment where the model is comfortable 

I think a lot of nervousness prior to a first shoot, in part,  comes from watching shows like "America's Next Top Model," where everyone has a tremendous ego, is hyper critical, and stress/drama is intentionally created for the sake of the TV audience.  I lack the tremendous ego that is sometimes encountered in this business, and a shoot here is the complete opposite of what you will see on TV.  We will achieve some images that you can be proud of, and you will have fun doing it.

If you doubt any of that, read the testimonials on my References  page!

What’s up with all the zombie photos?

The underlying reason for asking about the zombie photos is usually an attempt to determine if I'm some sort of ghoul who lives in a renovated morgue and drives an antique hearse.    I'm not, although I will admit that weirdness is majorly over-represented in my currently portfolio.   Several years back, zombies weren't quite as popular as they are now, but I've always been a fan of George Romero’s movies.  Two friends and I did a one zombie photo shoot just to have some creative portfolio images prior to Halloween.  Over the next few months (long after Halloween), I received many inquires about other zombie  photo shoots.   And I did many zombie portraits  (Christmas Cards, Zombie Senior Formals, Roller Derby Zombies,  etc).  Currently, pop culture is over saturated with zombies, and I’m tired of zombie photo shoots.  But having said that, I guess I need to clarify that it never fails that someone will message me and say “I have an idea for a zombie photo shoot.  I have a civil war reenactor's uniform!”  And I will say “Ok, I’m in….”  But these days, it needs to be a very unique idea that hasn't been done dozens and dozens of times before. 

Do you allow escorts / chaperons, and do you provide references? 

Chaperons and escorts are always welcome.  And I will provide you with references if you’d like.  If you have never shot with me  and you show up here alone and without having done a reference check, you will receive a lecture on safety.  Never, ever show up alone at the house of someone you don’t know for a photo shoot!  Especially if the guy has reputation for doing zombie photos (that’s just weird….).  On various social networking sites, I have images posted, and past clients are tagged.  Feel free to contact ANYONE that I have ever worked with to do a reference check!

I want to be a photographer. Do you offer mentoring sessions?   

I’m asked this a lot. On occasion, I do mentor other photographers, but I’m finding that I have much less time for this than I had in the past. Prior to agreeing to do this, I try to stress a few things!  Primarily, I do not encourage or think it’s appropriate for anyone with no experience with a DSLR to go out and buy a DSLR/Kit lens combo at Sam’s, and create professional photographer Facebook page (and order business cards) before the camera’s battery is completely charged.  My opposition to this is not because I’m afraid of the competition.  If you don’t believe me, please read on, and you’ll see that I actually recommend and directly link to some of my competition.  I’m opposed to this because I do not want to play a role an unleashing another one of these “Professional Photographers” upon the community.  I know it’s possible to take some decent photos immediately following the purchase of a DSLR because these cameras have automatic settings.  If you come to me for mentoring, the first things we are going to do is talk about F Stops, ISO, and Shutter Speed.  Then, we are going to shoot, but we are not going to use any of the automatic settings, modes, etc.  Along the way, business ethics will be discussed  and why you should not misrepresent your abilities or experience.  I’ll stress the importance of not booking a wedding until you have enough experience to actually do the job.  And, if you are a guy, and are in the business strictly to “meet models,” I’ll go into great detail concerning what your motivation should and shouldn't be.  So yes, I do offer mentoring sessions when I have time.  My reasons for doing this is that I enjoy passing on what I know,  and I try to do my small part of repairing the reputation of the  current state of the field of professional photography.

I need somewhere to shoot.  Is your farm/studio available to rent?   

Yes.  The rates are very reasonable.  There are a few rules.If I don’t know you, be prepared to provide some references.   If you intend to photograph a client who is not yet 18 years old, a parent or guardian has to be physically present with you and the images need to be age-appropriate. If you go through a gate, close it. Do not climb on the large rolls of hay in the barn (this can be very dangerous).  No alcohol, drugs, and do nothing that would offend the neighbors, or upset the animals.  Don't give beer to the goats.

I need to hire a photographer / Make Up/Hair Artist / wedding planner /model / band, etc.  Who do you recommend?

Other photographers that I highly recommend are Carissa York, Zane Hollingsworth, and Ryan Gibson,    If you need high-end artsy product/food/architectural photography that's expensive, but really good, I recommend Milkman Creative.  They are nice guys who do outstanding work, and they will never accidentally eat all of the food before they photograph it!

If you need to hire a Make Up / Hair person, I highly recommend  Beckie Schlicht Gurley, and Heather Lynett.

If you are seeking a fitness model that is fit, photogenic, professional, easy to work with, and probably one of the most all around good-heated decent people that I've ever had the honor to meet, I highly recommend Shaan Arrts.

If you are looking for a talented video person for music videos, documentaries, etc, check out William Rich Films.   If breathtaking aerial shots are needed,  Yonder Blue Films can do some amazing things with RC Drones!

If you are looking to hire a coach, or trainers, message me.  There are several different individuals that I can recommend depending on your specific goals and your location..  Also, a great source of information can be found on Georgia Bodybuilding - Doc\'s Sports - Georgia Bodybuilding Contest Information and More 

At one time or another, I've worked with all of the individuals above.  They are very competent professionals  and all around good decent people!  You will not regret giving them your business.

Is there a list of things you absolutely won’t do, just so potential clients can avoid contacting you if you aren't interested in a particular genre?

I will not do projects  that would  be considered pornographic, involves simulated suicide, homicide, or glorifies  violence.  (Ok, I know some people are thinking “What about the zombies?”  Zombies are supposed to be fun…).  I don't do Easter Photos that involve the traditional Easter Animals (bunnies, chicks/ducks) for a number of different reasons.  I don’t shoot on railroad tracks (that is illegal), trespass on private property, and I prefer to avoid Berry College  (I love visiting Berry, seeing the deer,  and enjoying the tranquility,  but everyone shoots there,  it’s always  crowded and we can come up with a location much  more unique that won’t result  in your photos looking just like billions  of others).  I don’t like cliché shots (such as bikinis made of yellow caution tape, or standing on railroad tracks holding a guitar while making the duck lips face). Other than what is specified above, I'm fairly flexible.  

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