Chris Ozment was born in 1969 at the county hospital of a small North Georgia town. He grew up on a family- owned farm that was located on the dead end of a two mile long country road. The next 18 years were spent trying to get off of that dead end road. He finally made it all the way to New York City where he rode a subway and discovered that he couldn't get back home to Georgia fast enough!  Now, some 40 odd years later, that small farm is still the home of Chris, his wife, two daughters and a strange collection of numerous rescued farm animals.    

At some point, Chris picked up a camera, bought some lights, and decided that he was a photographer.  After a while, his work evolved to the point where it was not only highly impractical but practically impossible to store all of the equipment in the backseat of his old Dodge truck.  A fork in the metaphorical road of his photography career had been reached and a physical studio was essential.  Conventional wisdom, sound business logic,and know- it-all friends  suggested that a visible storefront in a high traffic commercial area was going to be required to take the budding career to the next level.  

Realizing that he was wasn't cut out for doing glamour shots in a typical retail environment with false ceilings, track lighting, and piped in music, Chris went against the freely offered advice and built a studio on that small farm in the middle of nowhere.    

Years passed, pictures were taken, friends were made, goals were accomplished, growth was achieved, and it turned out to be a very good decision.  

At the moment, Chris Ozment Photography is still based where it’s always been; in Coosa, GA. And that’s probably not going to change.  Despite being a homebody, Chris is still not opposed to backing up to a trailer loaded with lights, generators, fog machines, zombie makeup, and whatever else the shoot requires, and driving across the United Stated to take someone’s photo.   He doesn't like to fly, and he'd prefer to avoid New York City if at all possible because parking is a problem. But flying and NYC has never been a deal breaker.
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